DCHE Lady Rocher from Bay of Fundy
Silver Mackerel tabby

Date de naissance : 20 novembre 1994

CH Willowplace Dusty
SGC Hillside Mr Spock
GRC Coonquest Beaujolais of Hillside SGC Charmalot King Arthur Pendragon
CH Catlos Coon Isabella of Coonquest
Heidi Ho Danielle Coon of Hillside Heidi Ho Justin Morgan Katt
Heidi Ho Rebecca Katt
CH Willowplace Whispurr Star
SGC Willowplace Starbuck SGC Tolkat Mithrandir
SGC Willowplace Lily Snow
CH Charmalot Andrea of Coontique OS TGC Heidi Ho richard III of Charmalot
CH Charmalot Lena
CHI Brigitt from Bay of Fundy
Anatol Ben Belaja of Chascaro
CH Chascaro Khan of Charmingcat CHE Chandor b.Erin of Charmingcat
CH Meunerie's Donna
CH Belaja Bint Silver Dream CHE Daniel ben Sonata of Bacrhan
Silver Dream of Charmongcat
Alina of Cadora's Home CH Wishnu Ben Chandor of Charmingcat CHE Chandor b.Erin of Charmingcat
Bambina b.Donna of Charmongcat
Eileen V. Jaegersteig CHI Benny vom Schindetal
Nonsuch Charlene