Moulin'Crecy Patchwork
Brown classic torbie

Date de naissance : 21 septembre 1999

RW TGC Moulin'Crecy
Nobody But Me
RW QGC Moulin'Crecy
TGC Willowplace Amadeus of
GRC Hillside Mr Spock of Willowplace
Capecoon Amy Lauren of Willowplace
GCA Coonmora Norma Jean of

SGC Coonmora's Lucky Strike

GRC Coonmora Lilibelle
Moulin'Crecy Iolina
TGC Bon Dea's Colombus of
INT CH Tara's thunderbird
INT CH Bijou of Sherbrooke Forrest
RW SGCA Advent Hill Havana of Moulin'Crecy
SGC MtKittery Henry of Advent Hill
Willowplace Polaris of Advent Hill
Coupdecoeur Graffiti of
SGC Capecoon Ilynx
Willowplace Easyrider of Capecoon
GRC Hillside Mr Spock of Willowplace
DGC Willowplace Anna Arabella
Lady Maxine of Capecoon
QGC MtKittery Warren of Coons'kin Cats
Princess Fluffy
Willowplace Barbara Star
SGC Willowplace Shadrack
GRC Hillside Mr Spock of Willowplace
CH Willowplace Rhapsody in Blue
Capecoon Shady Lady of Willowplace
GRC Coonmora Travis of Capecoon
Codcoon Cayenne of Willowplace