Broceliande Ursanne
Blue silver classic tabby

Date de naissance : 24 juin 2003

SGC Moulin'Crecy Phaebus of Marquis Saulnois
IW SGC Willowplace Nautilus of Moulin'crecy
RW SGC Willowplace Jubilation of Winfield
GRC St Clouds Silverdude of Willowplace
Willowplace Legendary
Mysticoon Honeymoon
of Willowplace

SGC Cooncreole Papillon of Britches

CH Willowplace Starlight Express
Appalaches Lorina
of Moulin'Crecy
CH Moulin'Crecy Jumping Jack Flash of Appalaches
TGC Bon Dea's Colombus of Moulin'Crecy
Dharamsala Gaïa of Moulin'Crecy
Coonyham Jordana of Appalaches
SGC Coonyham Sundance
GRC Coonquest Cimarron of Coonyham
TICA QGC + DCHE St.John's Ashanti
of Broceliande
TICA CH Coonyham
Buster Brown
GR Coonyham Navarro
GCH MtKittery Carbonero of Emlu
CH Coonyham Santana
Cooncreole Evangeline
of Coonyham
Cooncreole Zydeco
Cowtown Once In A Blue Moon
Colocoon´s Silver Sprite
CH. Edencoon Desert Sand
CH Kitkor Jake Regan of Heritagcoons
CH Coronadocats Sky Dancer of Edencoon
Capecoon Sasha
Walmet´s Stroker of Capecoon
Capecoon´s Felicity